Defoe Returns From Injury

Defoe Returns From Injury

The former Tottenham player Jermain Defoe has returned from injury as he completed his recovery after suffering from a groin injury which kept him out of action in the last 3 matches of Toronto FC. The manager of Toronto FC, Ryan Nelsen confirmed that Defoe is back and ready to play for his team.

“He’s blown out a couple of cobwebs and he looks as sharp as ever, which is all good coming up this weekend. He’ll be kicking down certain doors if he’s not on that field in some stage.”

During the matches that Defoe had to miss out and complete his recovery, Nelsen opted to go with Gilberto and Luke Moore as the main attacking players for Toronto FC and they have managed to form a strong bond between them which has put into question on which player was going to be sitting out now that Jermain Defoe is fully recovered and anxious to perform but Ryan Nelsen stated that he has never thought about only using 2 strikers, instead he wants to combine all 3 of them.

“Well, it’s the three. It’s the combinations of Jermain and Luke or Jermain and Gilberto, or Gilberto and Luke. That’s what we’re trying to get, so that if we have injuries, we don’t skip a beat. That’s the method in the madness, so if Defoe’s 100 percent back, it might be a Luke and Defoe, or Gilberto and Defoe combination. But whatever pairing that we have, we can hopefully not skip a beat and maximize the best of their abilities.” Ryan Nelsen said.

The MLS is reaching its ending stages with only a few months left before the American League concludes and the majority of the players of Toronto FC that were affected with injuries are completing their recovery which could give Ryan Nelsen a hard time on deciding which player to use in the different games but the coach from New Zealand went on saying that it’s a lovely problem to have.

“When everybody gets back fit, it’s a lovely little problem to have. That’s what we’ve been trying to go for.” Nelsen added on.

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