Bayern Munich is thinking about partnering with a MLS club

“Maybe we have to think about how we can partner with U.S. teams from the MLS, to support them and show them how business is run in Germany and at Bayern.” This was the statement released by Bayern Munich’s chairman Karl-HerinzRummenigge as he talked about partnering with a MLS club.

Bayern Munich is looking around to extend their presence around the world and around different leagues. It seems like the MLS is where the German outfit are setting their sights now, at least according to their chairman who revealed details concerning the current internationalization strategy of the club.

New York City is one of the locations where Bayern Munich has already opened their office and they have played various friendly matches in United States, it’s clear that the German outfit are working to have a vicinity with other nations.

Manchester City is doing a similar thing as they have partnered with a MLS club but the head chiefs of Bayern Munich want to have a different mechanic as they are interested in exchanging business and football knowledge that can also lead to them having transactions between players and coaches in the future. Continue reading Bayern Munich is thinking about partnering with a MLS club

Will RadamelFalcao make a move to the MLS?

RadamelFalcao’s loan deal with Chelsea is reaching it’s ending point and the Colombian striker continues to struggle trying to get consistent playing time with the Premier League club and it seems like his future in England is at risk.

Taking into consideration the fact that Falcao has dropped down in the pecking order of Chelsea, the future of the Colombian attacker in Stamford Bridge is being linked with a move to the MLS as there are American based clubs that are interested in signing the 30 year old forward.

The loan deal with RadamelFalcao and Chelsea expires at the end of the season. When this time arrives, the Colombian attacker is expected to return to Monaco. Falcao’s contract with Monaco lasts until 2018 but there is a possibility that he could be transferred to another club during the summer transfer window.

The 30 year old attacker has stated himself that he is open to the possibility of joining a team in the MLS. Continue reading Will RadamelFalcao make a move to the MLS?

There is no player conspiracy going on in Stamford Bridge

Former star of Chelsea, Frank Lampard has dismissed claims and rumors regarding the departure of Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese coach was sacked from the managerial position in Stamford Bridge due to a number of successive defeats and disappointing results which led to the club a large amount of points and entering the bottom section of the Premier League standings.


When Mourinho was sacked, the technical director of Chelsea Michael Emenalo stated that there was something going on involving the manager and the players and it’s why so many poor performances were being displayed from the Premier League club but Frank Lampard emerged stating that nothing like that ever existed, it simply was the players who failed to perform at a high level and made a number of mistakes.

“I think if there’s a conspiracy then you have the wrong type of people at the club. I know the Chelsea players and the club, and it’s not a conspiracy. It’s people not performing, people on the outside always look for a conspiracy, but the answer is always on the pitch.” Frank Lampard told reporters.

Jose Mourinho himself believes that there indeed was something going on with his players as the Portuguese manager felt betrayed. Mourinho was very frustrated on December 14 of 2015 when he saw his team losing against Leicester City and he made it show as the former Chelsea coach said:

“We were the best team for 20, 25 minutes, maximum half an hour. They were the best team for about an hour, very consistent, very focused not making mistakes, aggressive with everybody playing high intensity, high tempo; great mentality and difficult for us. Then we concede two goals that are unacceptable for me, because I know one of my best qualities is to read the game for my players, to read the opponent, to identify every detail about the opponent’’ Mourinho told reporters. Continue reading There is no player conspiracy going on in Stamford Bridge