Curt Onalfo believes in LA Galaxy

Former LA Galaxy head coach Curt Onalfo believes that the team will improve after a poor start to their MLS season.

Curt Onalfo was sacked last month and has since then been replaced by an old LA Galaxy legend SigiSchmid.

Curt Onalfo said that the team had started the new season poorly, but he believes that there are signs that they are improving. He said that these weaknesses were evident when he was at the head of the team and he feels that the new coach is doing a right job on the training ground.

He believes that there is not a magic formula that exists and that the players should be ready to work hard if they want results to improve. Continue reading Curt Onalfo believes in LA Galaxy


The Major League Soccer has changed the football landscape in Canada, and this was evident at the Olympic Stadium on Tuesday.

At least 61,000 soccer enthusiasts were at the Big O to see the game. Toronto FC supports were dressed in colourful matching attires. Montreal Impact came with their fans, and the Toronto supporters promised to win in the battle of chants for their various teams.

There was excitement in the air even as different fans bragged about their team’s capabilities. A Toronto FC fans Rachel Finan said: “It’s incredibly exciting, it feels like Christmas If we win the MLS Cup, it’s going to change football for the whole of Canada, I think.

“If a Canadian team wins the MLS Cup, we’re going to have the whole slew of football fans and it’s going to be amazing.”

Even as Finan was enthusiastic about the teams she supports, Impact fans were too, one even admitted to being nervous ahead of the much-anticipated clash. Continue reading MLS CHANGING FOOTBALL LANDSCAPE IN CANADA

Orlando City are playing for pride in their last 2 matches

At this point in time, Orlando City does not have any real motivation or purpose to continue fighting in the MLS as the team of Jason Kreis are just too far away from snatching a playoff position.

The head coach of Orlando City, Jason Kreis has himself admitted that the final matches that are remaining in this season of the MLS are simply going to be played for pride more than anything else.

“I would see it that we need to finish strong. There are two matches left; we have a team that’s good enough to win both matches. We need to show ourselves the right amount of respect, we need to play for pride and I think most importantly we need to play for our fans.”

“I’m very disappointed that we have taken some losses at home. It deeply affects me and I expect it should affect the group as well. We need to take more pride in playing in front of our fans and I think we owe them to go out and give everything we can in these last two matches.” Orlando City’s Jason Kreis said. Continue reading Orlando City are playing for pride in their last 2 matches

Bayern Munich is thinking about partnering with a MLS club

“Maybe we have to think about how we can partner with U.S. teams from the MLS, to support them and show them how business is run in Germany and at Bayern.” This was the statement released by Bayern Munich’s chairman Karl-HerinzRummenigge as he talked about partnering with a MLS club.

Bayern Munich is looking around to extend their presence around the world and around different leagues. It seems like the MLS is where the German outfit are setting their sights now, at least according to their chairman who revealed details concerning the current internationalization strategy of the club.

New York City is one of the locations where Bayern Munich has already opened their office and they have played various friendly matches in United States, it’s clear that the German outfit are working to have a vicinity with other nations.

Manchester City is doing a similar thing as they have partnered with a MLS club but the head chiefs of Bayern Munich want to have a different mechanic as they are interested in exchanging business and football knowledge that can also lead to them having transactions between players and coaches in the future. Continue reading Bayern Munich is thinking about partnering with a MLS club

Boniek Garcia says manipulating the ball is one of the things is New Manager Trick

Boniek Garcia says manipulating the ball is one of the things which have been insisted on by new manager Barrett and because of that, in the recent games, the team’s game plan has been to keep the ball in control and the game plan has paid off.

As per Garcia, last manager in charge didn’t focus on ball manipulation too much and though by saying it, he doesn’t mean to compare him with present manager, anyone can realize that Houston’s play has been tighter than before.

Garcia is starting to have his fair share of minutes too now. He, in fact, already has more minutes given to him by Barrett in about a month than he had got in the whole of the first four months in the season.

However, the position is different now. He has been a man for the right flank for years, but, Barrett has put him on opposite flank and there’s not been a single sign of the 31-year old not taking a liking to that position as he’s set up a couple from there already.
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