31 thoughts on “Italy-Germany, World Cup 2006. 1ST GOAL at Pittsburgh, USA

  1. i bet have of the ppl are not italian or ever lived in italy or were born in italy

  2. ohhhh sorry i thought it was italy-USA and i was like what? they are in america and they are so openly supporting italy???? my bad

  3. un bacio a tutti gli italiani all’estero….la gioia di essere italiano anche se lontano da casa.

  4. lol thats awesome! please let me know where this is at i need somewhere to watch the 2010 world cup with other crazed italian soccer fans such as myself

  5. how can you be racist towards italians. we’re like the german pure breed, just better looking, better food and awesome tans. the day people stop bing jealous of italians will be a sad day. italiaaaa 5th world cup coming right up!

  6. the color that doesnt let people diss his country, what i have to take their rascist shit and do nothing bout it lol na na naan a how bout BUTT THE FUCK OUT BIRD.

  7. forza italia lol grosoo grosoo grosso goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllll VA FAN CULO

  8. thats ok cus we made fun of your whole counrty in your own country like a buch of birds, last i checked we were crowned where you cried…puttana

  9. yea but their team are champs and your lazy americans could barely beat the spick mexicans

  10. Scusa, ma sei italiano? Loro non parlano l’italiano, nemmeno il tedesco 😉

  11. Idiot. Grosso was the player who scored the first goal. In Italian, fat is “grasso”.

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