MLS sign with Kraft Foods

MLS sign with Kraft Foods

Today Major League Soccer declared a multi-year partnership deal with Kraft Foods and Capri Sun. According to the agreement terms, Capri Sun will be the official juice for Major League Soccer. The other Kraft Food brands that have been included in this deal are Tang, Country Time Lemonade and Kool Aid, which should be activates in all stores globally.

According to the contact, Capri Sun will use the intellectual property on MLS, to foster a strong connection with football lovers all through the country, especially grassroots institutions like youth soccer clinics across US. For their ongoing campaign on pros versus Capri Sun kids, Capri Sun is planning to utilize select few MLS players. These players will be showcased on their back to school packs.

Kraft Foods’ Senior Director of Refreshment Beverages, Greg Guidotti said that they are most pleased to be associated with such a top notch property, like Major League Soccer, since their values perfectly matches their own. Soccer is definitely the 1st sports that most of the kids play, besides it also hikes a sense of team building, active lifestyle and pushing one’s physical limitations. He admits that MLS has definitely played a major role in the popularity and growth of soccer throughout the country. Besides that most of their beverages, especially Capri Sun are consumed in lots of football matches. Hence the two partners are absolutely a match made in heaven.

David Wright, who is the senior VP Global Sponsorship of MLS, commented that they are pretty excited about welcoming Kraft Foods on board as a part of the MLS family. MLS grassroots extensions, with time have turned into an important aspect of the league’s growth and the beverage concern has chosen to take up the leadership place in the dynamic space.

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