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  1. Anyway what the fuck is soccer you mean football lol, soccer sounds a little stupid.

  2. ahaha i support (man u) i live in manchester england just round the corner from thier stadium.

  3. since britan has shit weather foringers come to britan and they freeze to death also i used to play ice hockey for hull and i always fell asleep before the games came on tv like detroit and nashville was on at like 3 o’clock

  4. oh and i used to be quiet lol i got part time jobs working with the public and now work in a bar has done me alot of good, try it

  5. i didnt know americans watch football or soccer lol, we get american football in england which isnt even played here yet we have ice hockey teams and thats on tv like 7 times a year and usualy at stupid o clock in the morning

  6. Yeah. It is annoying how soccer does not get much air time. And, what makes it even worse is that the sports that are shown instead of soccer don’t even compare. I was surprised that some Euro2008 games are being shown on ESPN.

  7. We get soccer 24/7 on tv in Brazil.. well, not really but they broadcast at least 1 game every day

  8. Hey! Congrats! Pitts a really good school. Id be so damn proud if i were your parents. and dont worry about making friends. worrying’s not gonna help. and dont try to be someone you’re not. you’ll come out as fake. just be yourself, but talk more, i suppose. lol

  9. thats a real nice guitar! Congrats on deciding to go to Pitt! Yeah the thing with college is that if u wana make friends you just gotta put yourself out there and be like “Hi i’m so’n’so, whats your name?”

  10. i know that i was just clarifying it, and its not my fault YOU copy MY wardrobe…besides, i dont think your clothes would fit me

  11. First of all, everyone(read:everyone) knows about the U.S.’s disinterest of soccer. Also, why must you always wear shirts I own. ARE THEY MINE??

  12. haha its only clean because i picked everything up before i made the video

  13. i consider myself a pretty big sports fan… but i just don’t find soccer all that exciting. i can watch it, but it ranks way below all my other favorite sports.

    congrats on your decision. you’ll definitely meet new friends!

    it amazes me how clean your room, haha.

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