Boniek Garcia says manipulating the ball is one of the things is New Manager Trick

Boniek Garcia says manipulating the ball is one of the things which have been insisted on by new manager Barrett and because of that, in the recent games, the team’s game plan has been to keep the ball in control and the game plan has paid off.

As per Garcia, last manager in charge didn’t focus on ball manipulation too much and though by saying it, he doesn’t mean to compare him with present manager, anyone can realize that Houston’s play has been tighter than before.

Garcia is starting to have his fair share of minutes too now. He, in fact, already has more minutes given to him by Barrett in about a month than he had got in the whole of the first four months in the season.

However, the position is different now. He has been a man for the right flank for years, but, Barrett has put him on opposite flank and there’s not been a single sign of the 31-year old not taking a liking to that position as he’s set up a couple from there already.

Houston though is still glued to the bottom slot in Western conference in spite of earning some points lately. But, since there are as many games left for the teams as has been played by them, Garcia reckons the loss of points in the earlier phase can be made up for and a position somewhere around the middle of the table can be aimed for.

Garcia, who is a 105-time capped Houston Footballer, said, “How many matches we will play more? Seventeen, it’s almost half the campaign you know and if it’s fruitful, who knows? We can get to 5 or maybe around that.”
It’s on Friday now that Houston takes the pitch next in Florida.