Lampard signs deal with New York City

Lampard signs deal with New York City

There has been an issue going on involving Frank Lampard, Manchester City and New York City FC as the English midfielder was believed to have initially signed a 2 year long contract with the MLS side New York City FC but before Lampard joined the team in the American League, he signed a loan deal with Manchester City.

Frank Lampard went through a very successful time with Manchester City and it was announced that he would extend his deal with the Premier League club until the end of the current season but the problem that emerged is that Lampard would be missing out from the start of the 2015 MLS season which would overlap and cause problems with the initial contract that he had signed with New York City FC.

A few days ago it was ago it was revealed that Lampard actually had never signed a deal with New York City.

When it was officially revealed to the public that Lampard never penned a contract with the MLS team this originated a string of accusations towards the commissioner of the MLS, Don Garber for his lack of leadership and transparency due to the way that he failed appropriately to control this situation.

Fans were angry to about hearing that Lampard wouldn’t join New York City after they had already bought tickets for the opening matches of the season just to see that veteran player performing with the MLS team but now they will have to wait at least until the end of the Premier League season for the contract of Lampard with Manchester City to conclude.

After this string of news and rumors officially came to an end, the former Chelsea player has truly now signed a deal with New York City which initiates on July 1st.

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