Los Angeles MLS team to compete in 2017

Los Angeles MLS team to compete in 2017

The new Los Angeles MLS team was unveiled a few days ago and this team will start competing in the MLS in 2017 or at-least it’s expected to officially start competing around that year.

The Basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson and the retired star of the women’s national soccer Mia Hamm are some of the figures which compose the ownership of the club.

Cardiff City’s Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan and the former Major League Baseball player NomarGarciaparra are some of the other recognized figures that form part of the 22 person ownership of the new Los Angeles franchise.

The Vietnamese-American venture capitalist Henry Nguyen explained his delight and some of the plans that he has concerning this newly formed team and Nguyen did not hesitate in stating his intention of turning the new Los Angeles franchise side into one of the best clubs in the Major League Soccer.

“We believe this team can become one of the most outstanding clubs in Major League Soccer and a globally-recognized brand. Today is day one and time for us to focus on developing a world-class stadium for the club to play in and for fans to enjoy.” Henry Nguyen said.

The MLS will be expanding and growing within the next few years as the New York City FC is scheduled to start competing in 2015 which is owned by Manchester City and where the former Chelsea star Frank Lampard will be joining in a few months.

Peter Guber is one of the more well-known figures in the sports and entertainment industry as he is the chairman and CEO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group as well as serves as the co-owner of the Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers and according to a report released by the MLS, Peter Guber is going to be implanted as the executive chairman of the new MLS club.

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