10 thoughts on “Packers vs. Lions 2011(Highlights)

  1. Let me see now, no doubt he was born and raised here, just like you. But I am sure you speak nothing like the way he does. You bring race into the mix here, and then make excuses for him based on race. Ask yourself why you do that. By your standards, anyone can speak, define, alter the language for any reason, it seems. Just throw out the dictionary and rules and live with the chaos of linguistic anarchy. You have really shown yourself the fool lessedrai.

  2. @barto11000 he’s black, jesus christ since you know so much you should know that you fucker.

  3. i very well done. not sure why people would dislike something original…taters gonna tate i guess.

  4. Okay this video is better than the other one.
    Just try to speak up, put a little more charisma in your voice homie.

    Try not to put rap beats in the background…

    and if you do..try to use Subtle rap beats..

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