7 thoughts on “Shut it Down (Packers version)

  1. But before they won the super bowl this year, they at least went back to the super bowl after they won a super bowl.

  2. And Mike Mccarthy did such a great job with adversity having and this is just an estimate 15 players on i r and in my opinion should have won not only the super bowl but also ap coach of the year. Wouldn’t it be really sweet if the Packers could prove the critics right and be the next dynasty.

  3. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the rookies though. I mean first year as an nfl pro and they already have super bowl rings.

  4. Good video!!! What can you say? I mean it only took Aaron Rodgers three years to get the Packers a super victory and a superbowl mvp for himself. Which is one more than Favre by the way. The Matthews family finally got a super bowl title, but it was only Matthews second year as a veteran. It’s the packers 13th pro football title and 4th super bowl title and how can you not be happy for players like Driver and Woodson. They finally get their super bowl rings. Great leadership skills.

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