Curt Onalfo believes in LA Galaxy

Curt Onalfo believes in LA Galaxy

Former LA Galaxy head coach Curt Onalfo believes that the team will improve after a poor start to their MLS season.

Curt Onalfo was sacked last month and has since then been replaced by an old LA Galaxy legend SigiSchmid.

Curt Onalfo said that the team had started the new season poorly, but he believes that there are signs that they are improving. He said that these weaknesses were evident when he was at the head of the team and he feels that the new coach is doing a right job on the training ground.

He believes that there is not a magic formula that exists and that the players should be ready to work hard if they want results to improve.

He said that he has been following the team since the start of the new season and he feels that they have been progressing. However, he feels that there is still a lot of work to be done if the team wants to win trophies this season.

He said that the current MLS season is one of the most open ever and that there are several teams that can win the title. He said that it would all comes down to which team is the most consistent on the field. He said that it is not good enough to have a good performance one week and then lost some easy points the next week.

It is important that the players give their best on the pitch and prepare themselves for each and every game. He said that there is no easy game in the MLS now and that they players should be ready to fight in each and every game.

He believes that LA Galaxy has a chance of winning a trophy this season, but it is important that they improve quickly.

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